Recent Changes to Large Sculpture

Here is a detail of new stones replacing the first batch at the end of this sculpture.  I didn’t like the small stones detracting from that big boulder at the end, and also found myself wanting to walk up on the path daily.  Thinking ascending  stairs would be better than hoisting myself continually, I pulled out my eraser, an angle grinder with a cutting wheel, and got to it.  



One thought on “Recent Changes to Large Sculpture

  1. Thank you to Dr. Maie for a Powerful Article.Thank you to Zamalek Art Gallery for all her efforts. Great oroiinzatagn for a very special exhibition.I had the chance to be one of Magde El Sagini’s student for many years and I had the opportunity to see and discover all the Art pieces done by all the artists in the El Sagini’s Family ( The grand father and the father and the son) Very rich Family tree and interesting work.I had a wonderful trip seeing all this master pieces in Gamal El Sagini’s exhibition. Amazing lines and forms and very strong way to express his feelings and emotions through his art pieces. I was impressed by the work on Motherhood pieces. Great job Magde ( Congratulation ).

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