Why Create Public Art?

I recently brought “Particle/Wave” to Charlottesville, VA, to a show called “Art In Place”.




Tonight, I received this email:


Dear Mr. Saliter,

Today my mom, my brother and I drove in our car by a awesome sculpture. We stopped and walked down a path and looked at it and inside it. Then we used it like a stage! I sang a song and my mom and brother listened, then my brother told a story to me and my mom. We wanted to stay there longer, but we had to go get lunch so we did.

I liked how you made your sculpture. It is really cool.

Did you make a hole in the rocks? If you did, how did you make the hole the right size for the bars to fit?


Joe Barrese – 7 (and my brother Andrew – 5)
**dictated to mom, Eleanor Barrese**
(mom included a picture of these guys making brownies)


I was reminded why I switched my emphasis to public art three years ago.  I love making large work, and more than anything, I love people to see, feel, and enjoy it.  I’m happy to include the photo which was sent with the email.  These two gentlemen are the type of art lovers I’m looking to reach.

3 thoughts on “Why Create Public Art?

  1. Wow! Great questions Joseph!!! I can’t wait to see this art, you made it sound really interesting. Thanks !

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