Haslla Museum Installation, Korea, August, 2009.

Just in Inchon, preparing to fly home.  Here are photos from my work in Korea.

Wrapping it up in the studio yesterday, almost ready for a lift.


First Backhoe arrives to save the day, before being sent home: sculpture apparently too heavy. It was kind of fun watching the backhoe lifting itself up onto three wheels, trying to grab the piece.



Second backhoe, stronger, arrived shortly after.


Also got spanked.

Crane time.


I love cranes.  I love cranes and Bobcats.  Leaving from my beautiful temporary studio to the site:



Nice Site!  To flip the piece, it became important to balance it on its nose.

I hadn’t thought to build for that contingency: glad it held.

AOW, figure,lr

Air Over Water, LR

Time to head home.

2 thoughts on “Haslla Museum Installation, Korea, August, 2009.

  1. We didn’t see your this big work during the hasla symposium.You did it finally. Nice install process !
    I am also miss the Korea food because I am in France residency program now.

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