Write-up in “Artscope” magazine.

Linda Chestney spotted “Ground of Being” at the Mill Brook Gallery in Concord, New Hapmshire, and included it in the September issue of “Artscope”.




Here’s what she said:


“Not to be missed is “Ground of Being”, a primal, evocative stone piece by Karl Saliter of Cornwall, CT, whose work appears in galleries and sculpture gardens worldwide.  Something about this piece just makes you smile.  Nearly 100 steel rods reach skyward from a base of stone to a height of three or more feet, with most well over seven feet high.  Every one of them “blooms” with a large, flat rock the size of a pancake at their apex.  To add to the whimsical presentation, in a breeze they sway lazily, calling us to enjoy the day.  While Saliter appreciates the playful quality of (some of) his works, he describes his relationship to stones as reverential.  As he creates these pieces that connote growth or motion, he sees himself as serving the stones.”


Bravo to Artscope, and many thanks to Mill Brook Gallery, and Linda Chestney!  



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