Environmentalism by Proxy

Just finishing “Rig”, an oil drilling/syringe hybrid sculpture, for a show at 18 Rabbit Gallery in Ft Lauderdale.  “Environmentalism by Proxy”.  Reading their call for artists, which read in part

“We seek works that act as agents of Environmentalism, stand-ins, through which we can examine the movement and the relationship we have with it.”

I was inspired to make work.  I contacted Leah Brown, a hell of an artist herself:


and proposed a series of five pieces, with a post-apocalyptic approach.


My daughter Samantha Saliter, and partner Terri Moore, joined me.  We formed the “Underloft Collaborative”.  We made an ark rocket, with couples escaping into it.  We made five pieces in total, and mailed them to Florida today.

Terri made a globe in decay, Sam a group of scientists gathering information to take on the rocket.  I did one on tarot cards, with people collecting the wisdom from them, to bring on this journey.

I was working to finish “Rig” tonight: it is the late piece I’ll mail Monday.  Having screwed up trying to put black paint into one hypodermic needle, I raided my garbage can for one of the ones I threw out, earlier today, when I thought I was done with this piece.  There was something about being out in the snow in my pj’s, flashlight in hand, rooting through my garbage for a needle that felt, well, desperate.

I remembered something which is true.  Something I have no problem with at all.  I remembered that I am truly my sculpture’s bitch.

3 thoughts on “Environmentalism by Proxy

  1. I just stumbled onto your blog today. Added it to my links list if you don’t mind. Unlike all those that pass through looking at my blog and don’t say hello, I will. Good work. It encourages me by seeing your work to press on in materializing my ideas.

  2. Hi Karl,

    We planned to hunt for stones over here at Folan Road today.

    I’ll be around in general, so let me know.


    My website shows some of the pwoperty.

    All the best,
    Peter Cascone

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