Spring Birdbath

A friend of mine owns a gallery, and offered to trade me two very cool masonic chairs for art a few years ago.  I live in an old church which was a Masonic Hall (do you capitalize that?) and loved the chairs, so I took them and agreed.  Moving stuff around recently, I remembered my end of the bargain.  He told me he has always wanted a stone birdbath, so I got a rock.

I cut a bunch of tic tac toe lines into the stone, then chiseled ’em off.

I smoothed the bowl out some, then with helpful feedback from daughter Samantha, decided to add depth. Cut, knock, repeat.  I carved steps into the sides of the bowl, which are cool but hard to see in this photo.

I found two other likely stones, some 1/2″ steel rods, a little drilling, a little welding, and voila birdbath.

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