Bronze Tree, West Hollywood.

A belated Happy May Day!  This evening I’m sitting at a cafe, trying to wrap my head around a few proposals I need to make.  One of them involves multiple bronze trees supporting a vine network of random stones.  So I’ve been looking at this tree I made.

Josh Barash is a photographer with a particularly strong eye for capturing sculpture.  The City of West Hollywood Urban Art Program hired him recently to shoot the tree form I made for them last year.

I thought I would choose one or two images to post here, as I watch leaves sprouting everywhere here in New England.  It’s going to be tough to keep it down to two.

Sharn Ure and company at Katherine Spitz Associates

did an amazing job making this park into a distinct, beautiful environment.

I think the tree is happy there!  I love how this image captures the lines.  I hope some pedestrians stop, lay down, and grok this.  Might be a bit much to ask.

This amazingly intricate array of welded bronze can almost vanish, depending on where you stand as you look.

Seen from up close in a field of sky, you could never miss it.

I think it works.

Many thanks to:

Beatrix Barker, Art Advisor

The City of West Hollywood.

Andrew Campbell, cultural affairs administrator

Sharn Ure, KSA Landscape Architecture

Samantha Saliter, installation Goddess

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