Grant Win!

The Connecticut Commission on Culture has picked my work for an Artist Fellowship Award.

Yesterday and today have found me in the studio, making an arch for Morgan Lehman Gallery,

and experiencing very briefly what is known in my tribe as “checkbook serenity”.  

I’d like to be a lot less dependent on cash and money flow, and am working toward that, but at present, this grant lands like a hot air balloon full of love.

Photo by Peninsula School of Art.

One thought on “Grant Win!

  1. Oh my God, this is the first time I see your website in full! What I have seen before where the pics on FB… Who are you Karl? This is incredible, I could find words to describe what I just saw not even in my mother tongue…

    I love what you do, you surprise more and more each second!
    Specially you are so sweet and humble, I would have never imagined the magnificent of your art… and your heart

    All my admiration,

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