Apogee in Boston

Yesterday was an excellent trip to the Boston Harbor, where Harbor Arts http://www.harborarts.net/proj_harborarts.html and founder Steve Israel

http://www.harborarts.net/au_team.html have landed some of the best real estate in town

for large scale outdoor sculpture.  Randi Hopkins at the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art

presided over the jury for the show, and the work is directly across the bay from that revered



It all started with a hoist.

Can I mention here that the gantry crane I built is the only one in existence with custom hardware and winches allowing it to hoist it’s own beam! Yeah, I said it, I invented that.  And if you are really into homespun custom fabrication, check out these two ramp rods above, which let the beam ride up to it’s platform without any help from below.  Doubtless way more than you want to know, but it lights up my evenings.

Self-hoisting gantry crane beam.

Up in the air.

Once the piece was up, it was time to cut away the old foundation.  A careless crane maneuver on the last installation had all taken a toll on it.

The mighty Minx

Minx the cat was unimpressed throughout the proceedings, but that is her way.

At Boston Harbor

Unstrapping the rascal.

Mark the crane operator is a genius at the controls.  Below, you can see the spot where its usually

tough going.  This guy nailed it by going slow, and knowing his machine perfectly.  Love that!

Steve Israel, the generous and gifted sculptor behind Harbor Arts.  Steve not only brought in sculptors from three continents for this show, but he is using the shipyard and his considerable social capital to seed environmental awareness. Not a bad bone in his body.

Ball in Flight.

New home, with a view.

Phew!  Onto the next one… the Arch for Morgan Lehman Gallery.