Ondarte Residency, Take Two.

Alec Von Bargen

Its Good To Be Back.

The generous people at Ondarte International Artist Residency have been good enough to invite me back for a second month, and have also provided tools and materials.  I think that almost counts as a grant.  (Should probably talk to someone about that, and scoop some resume cred.)

Ali Goodwin

This month

there are

strange types


So it is back to stone and steel, my familiar ground.  I’ve been drilling and glueing steel rods into stones, then welding them into a single piece.  What piece, you ask?  Well I’m glad you did.


“A Good Egg”

Alec Von Barge


is the name of the work.  It will be a nine-foot

sphere.  A hybrid, with “exoskeletal” steel rods

holding up the lower half, and internal steel hosting the top.

The piece is intended as a gift from the Ondarte Residency to

the turtle population of Akumal.  Wish you had heard me trying

to explain how futile gestures are the most sacred ones at the

artists talk.  It was pretty much a futile gesture.

No, the turtles will not “get it”. But making the piece for them

will matter, in some magical land where futile gestures are

stored and counted and saved and treasured.


Alec Von Bargen



Jacks Cole


Work has been fun

and so far, wrinkle free,

as long as you don’t

count the wrinkles.



Progress as of a few days ago…

Ryan Walter Wagner

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